My Classroom Management Style

My Classroom Management Style

My Classroom Management Style

Discussing Expectations

My classroom management style is characterized by mutual respect and understanding between the student and teacher. On the first day of a new semester, I talk with my students about the rules they are expected to follow. Moreover, we discuss the consequences they will face (individually and collectively) should they fail to act in accordance with those rules.

Three Strikes

At the first instance of some mildly disobedient behavior, I will give the student or students a warning and remind them of our classroom rules and consequences. The second time a disturbance occurs, I will call the offending student or students to the side and calmly talk to them about how their actions are harmful to themselves and their fellow classmates. Here, I will also enforce the consequences fit for the action (i.e. moving their desk away from their friends and closer to mine or writing them a citation using the school’s punishment system). After three cases of the same misconduct, I will alert either the principal or the student’s parent for further help and discipline.

The Importance of Follow-Through

Overall, I believe that if you treat students with respect and fairness, they will reciprocate. I also maintain that discussing expectations and consequences upfront, and then following through with them when necessary is the best way to keep an orderly, productive learning environment.